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Dear All, These are my answers from Quora and primarily Google; please check the answer and from others sites; the answers are free and without any liability.To make a decision, write down all of the positives and negatives on a piece of paper.Thank you,

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What type of websites have the best use for a WordPress site in the USA?
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The best means:

  • money
  • traffic
  • popularity
  • and more

In general you may create a lot like

ecommerce, this is the main, you know the American Dream is money, so use

What is WooCommerce used for?

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It makes creating and managing an online store simple, with reasonable levels of flexibility and several vital features such as inventory and tax management, secure payments, and shipping integration.

Other popular are News, Social Netrworks and more

What popular sites are made with WordPress?

10 Most Popular WordPress Websites of 2021

  1. Zillow. Since its launch in 2006, Zillow has become a source for all aspects of real estate. ...
  2. Realtor. Speaking of popular real-estate websites, Realtor is worth the mention due to keeping its popularity since the 90s. ...
  3. TED Blog. ...
  4. jQuery. ...
  5. Microsoft news. ...
  6. The Sun. ...
  7. BBC America. ...
  8. Blender.

Learn to build your WordPress website with the power of Elementor

  • Etsy Journal. First on our list of well-known websites using WordPress is Etsy Journal. ...
  • TechCrunch. ...
  • Microsoft News. ...
  • TED Blog. ...
  • BBC America. ...
  • PlayStation. ...
  • Skype. ...
  • The Walt Disney Company.
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