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Dear All, these are my answers from Quora, and mainly Google, please check the answer and from other places, the answers are FREE and FREE of any liability, I try to help, but is a generall answer with a lot of good will, to think two times and ask from other places. Write in a paper all the positives and negatives in order to decide. Thank you Elias Katsaniotis.
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WordPress vs Tilda Conclusion (2)

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Yes, the choice between WordPress and Tilda is not an obvious and easy one. What’s more, sometimes even experienced website developers find it hard to choose the right option for the client.

Our advice is to choose based on your purpose. If you need to create a unique portfolio with your works, Tilda may be a better option.

WordPress is great for complex websites. If you need to create an online store or a website for your business with lots of information, there is no better choice. Moreover, you can easily migrate from one hosting to another without even using the IT support team. WordPress plugins can also make your life easier, especially if you don’t have any technical background.

So, WordPress vs. Tilda is only your choice. No one can make it for you. Analyze all pros and cons and proceed with the one you like best.


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