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Dear All, These are my answers from Quora and primarily Google; please check the answer and from others sites; the answers are free and without any liability.To make a decision, write down all of the positives and negatives on a piece of paper.Thank you,

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What are the advantages of DDBMS over centralized DBMS?
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Some of the advantages of DDBMS over centralized DBMS are: (google)

  • Reflects organizational structure.
  • Improved share ability and local autonomy.
  • Improved availability.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Improved performance.
  • Economics.
  • Modular growth.

What is DDBMS ?

A DBMS that enables end users or application programmers to view a collection of physically separate databases as one logical single-system image.

Well, I was working for 2 years to macro cash & carry Greece. There ware file shops and 1 or 2 warehouses of third parties. Every night was the nightrun and via net the databases were sending and recieving ASCII files in order to know what was the activity of the last day. With DDBMS this went way, a lot of maintenance cost, debugging, working at weekends, and more. The whole system was in Oracle and in PRO*C (import/export ASCII, send ASCII files to other nodes). DDMS means less time, economy, less complexity, free weekends and many more…

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