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Bio info of E. Katsaniotis


MSc   Software Systems Technology (1991)

BSc BA CIS  (1989)

Solaris 10 Admin 1 (2008)OCA DBA   11g  (2011)I started with WP in 2017. I made this site in order to help others to learn it. My Web interests are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Gimp and Moodle. I have worked as an Oracle Programmer, Unix/Linux & DBA Admin (Oracle and other RDBMS) in big Greek companies.


My story

When I was a student, I worked hard night by night. I finished college later than other people. A lot of years I worked also hard, with the help of God. At 55, I migrated with my family to Russia. I learned WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. I made this site for all the people who want to find work, and they don't know how to learn, from where to start. It is for the people who don't have time to search or not money to pay. Imagine a woman who stops the work for the small kids, or an old person like me, there are so many cases. I am around 60 now, I started the on 2019 and now this is my offer to society.

My message

You know, every site has a message behind it. The developer made the site and the author of the content (or authors) is delivering the message to the readers. I believe that the knowledge of Open Source Software is FREE. To read the documentation is FREE. For many issues that need support, there are forums, videosonline lessons, and more also FREE. So we present this FREE info also FREE. When you buy a course, you buy TIME and SUPPORT. The author covers a topic and helps you to understand, even by answering questions or correcting your code. There are a lot of sites that are helping FREE. Many Online Schools or Companies or Individuals are publishing few free courses in order to market the more advanced lessons and to help you. There is an industry that aims to big traffic, but also this helps you.


Your work

You must read and practice. Not only from this small site but from the web. You must fight for your income, your family, or your future family. If you are studying and practice with consistency you will be a CMS developer, you can find a job, just don't stop. Just learn and work with love.

I wish all the best to my readers.



About the content

The content is FREE and FREE of any liability.


Copyright   © Viktoria Katsanioti. All Rights Reserved
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