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Dear All, These are my answers from Quora and primarily Google; please check the answer and from others sites; the answers are free and without any liability.To make a decision, write down all of the positives and negatives on a piece of paper.Thank you,

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Is a GPA of 2.8 in college bad?
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See, I had 2.76 from the American College of Athens, in all CIS, Programming Languages I had A, B and one C in C language. This GPA helped me to recieve a MSc.

The companies pay in order to perform tasks, the important is to work well.

If you want to be an Oracle DBA you need cerifications the same for many other areas like Linux, DB2, Networks, Java and so on.

A certification is more important than a good GPA. If you want to pass exams you must buy books and test exams and pay for courses (you or the company) and remember you have to score about 95% in all the study tests before to pay for the real test and take it.

Market pays for high specialization (this means Certifications)

To have high targets, use the existing GPA for something better, and better means more money.

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