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Dear All, These are my answers from Quora and primarily Google; please check the answer and from others sites; the answers are free and without any liability.To make a decision, write down all of the positives and negatives on a piece of paper.Thank you,

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What are the differences between Learndash and TutorLMS? I am getting my LMS site done and can't choose between these two.
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I advise you to read articles, comparisons and to seta budget limit

in terms o price and duraion of use after payment

As you can see, the major difference between LearnDash and Tutor LMS pricing is that Tutor LMS also has lifetime license options that allow you to purchase it and then use it for as long as you wish. Tutor LMS excels on the criteria of affordability too – all its license options are cheaper than LearnDash

Features unique in LearnDash:

There’s a long list of unique features in LearnDash when compared to TutorLMS. The major ones among them include:

  • Gamification
  • Mobile learning features
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Lots of extensibility with help of plugins


LearnDash vs TutorLMS: Which is the Better Choice for Your E-Learning Site?
When you’re choosing an LMS platform for your site, it’s important to consider at least a few popular options and compare them to get a better idea of which one will suit your requirements.  We understand this, which is why we’re doing a complete series on the comparison of LearnDash (the most popular LMS platform) […]

The company that creates TutorLMS is a very good Joomla company (the owner is the same) with high quality. In case you buy Tutor and stop to pay after the first period you must keep the site frozen, because you are not going to have update and USE WORDFENCE security plugin.

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